Training and Coaching Give Our People an Advantage

Our One Goal United training program is the foundation of our success. We believe giving the necessary tools and resources for team members to thrive with is the best way to ensure the growth of our firm. This learning system provides hands-on experience, so that our promotional specialists gain both knowledge and practical skills. Topics like communication, leadership, management, and more are part of the curriculum.

We’re also big on mentorship, linking each of our new team members up with seasoned professionals who understand the ins and outs of our industry. These are some One Goal United guidelines for effective coaching:

• Assume the Best: The first tip we give our coaches is to show confidence in those you are guiding. Assume that they can reach their goals and have the strength of will to push past challenges; all they really need is someone to encourage them and occasionally point the way.

• Understand the Common Obstacles People Face: The four main elements people need to reach whatever target they desire are time, training, resources, and a positive attitude. When novice team members struggle, help them see which of these four areas require their attention.

• Write Things Down: The act of writing out thoughts and goals improves the clarity of our perspectives and the effectiveness of our actions.

We are invested in helping our people reach their potential. Find out more about our commitment to learning by liking One Goal United on Facebook.