Spotlight on Syiasia: Team Member Extraordinaire

Around One Goal United, we have a number of superstars who are ready to make their marks in the on-site sales industry. These individuals bring their A-game to work each day and set an excellent example for everyone around them. Among those is Syiasia, our featured team member of the month.

Joel, One Goal United’s President, shared that Syiasia’s passion is what sets her apart from the rest. She truly cares about the business and delivering 100 percent in all that she does to ensure exceptional campaign outcomes. More importantly, she’s a consummate team player who’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

We love to shine a spotlight on our One Goal United rock stars because they’ve earned every accolade we bestow on them. But there are also some benefits to our firm for making recognition a top priority:

• Retention: Because our people know that their hard work will lead to advancement and other opportunities, like travel, we get to keep our best talent in-house.

• Smiles Everywhere: Happy team members mean more positive energy throughout our office. We’re excited to come to work each day, knowing that our efforts will be rewarded.

• Better Engagement: When everyone realizes their ideas and diligence are highly valued, they increase their contributions, which drives even higher results.

Every month we recognize a superstar like Syiasia for going above and beyond. Follow us on Twitter as we proudly share our team’s accomplishments.