Our Rookie Class Hit the Ground Running

One Goal United recently completed a hiring initiative, and we’re really impressed with the crew that joined our team. We’ve dubbed them our rookie class, but make no mistake: this group of high achievers has made a big impact on our team in a short period of time.

Drake, Alexis, and Skylor all joined Team One Goal United together and have consistently pushed one another to move forward in their careers. Working together, they’re racing through our training curriculum, and this combined with their go-getter attitudes makes it seem like they’re naturals at our business.

While there’s no doubt that Skylor, Drake, and Alexis are extremely motivated and have a passion for continual learning, we also have to give some credit to our team-oriented environment as well. From day one, our rookie class has been immersed in a supportive and empowering atmosphere in which each of our team members is encouraged to succeed at whatever pace they choose. We’re collaborative, not competitive, because we know our best work is done when we’re working as a team. In our HQ, we see a win for one of us as a win for all, so the rapid success our new hires are experiencing is a cause for celebration.

Alexis, Skylor, and Drake – we’re glad you decided to join our firm, and we look forward to watching you advance in your careers. Follow One Goal United on Twitter to learn more about our firm’s commitment to helping team members grow.