PRESS RELEASE: One Goal United’s President Recaps 2018, Looks to 2019

HARRISBURG, PA – As 2018 comes to a rapid close, One Goal United’s President shared the team’s favorite memories for the year, the progress they’ve made in building bonds, and how they plan to make 2019 even more memorable and productive.

As Joel, One Goal United’s President, recounted this year, he considered his team’s many achievements in the sales and marketing industry. Certainly, they witnessed growth for the brands they represented, but also some notable accomplishments within their office.

Perhaps the most distinguished announcement Joel shared was the number of promotions One Goal United’s brand experts received this year, including one to assistant manager. Another sign of a great year for this group came in the form of a conference in Dallas, Texas. To attend this event, individuals needed to show they are on track for leadership. There was plenty of time to network and learn from some of the industry’s top leaders.

Within the office, the activities to forge stronger bonds between colleagues were endless. There was a Halloween costume party that showcased everyone’s creativity and talent. Together, the team shared meals, including potlucks at which they sampled each other’s culinary delights as they connected over food.

Of course, one facet of this firm’s culture is being recognized as a community leader, which includes engaging in philanthropy whenever possible. This year’s big giveback endeavor was the team’s participation in the AIDS Walk, which brought everyone together to raise money for this important cause.

One Goal United’s President on Plans for 2019 and Beyond

The success One Goal United achieved in 2018 will only be surpassed by what they can do in 2019. Joel explained that the process of planning for the next year involves careful review of the current year’s plan to actual results in a number of areas.

Goal attainment is of course an area ripe for reflection. Not only does the team look at numbers, but also other areas, such as partner and customer satisfaction. One of the key questions is always how can they do things better going forward.

Internal processes are also reviewed, as any opportunities to streamline can lead to more productivity. Team member input helps in this assessment, as they are the experts in their work environment and know where they can enhance it.

Individual and collective growth objectives will be on deck for 2019 discussions. Each person’s professional development path and how to get there will be examined, with a strategy put in place to achieve the next promotions.

Joel expects to see the team grow and realize more of their personal and shared visions in the coming year.

About One Goal United:

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