PRESS RELEASE: One Goal United to Open Two New Offices in Early 2019

HARRISBURG, PA – The leadership of One Goal United, a premier sales and marketing agency, announced that the company would be opening offices in two new cities in early 2019: Houston, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Joel, One Goal United’s President, expressed his excitement about these two expansions, citing the opportunities both provide for current team members to spearhead these branches and for new people to join this growing firm.

According to Joel, members of Team One Goal United have already embarked on scouting trips to both cities, allowing them to have a better understanding of the market landscape. As experts in on-site sales, he stated that the firm’s promotional specialists look forward to bringing their talents to help brands of all sizes grow their customer bases in Texas and Indiana.

For some team members, these expansions will be their tickets to advance to leadership roles as they assume larger managerial responsibilities in the new offices. Joel noted that those tapped to take on these positions have been thoroughly trained in the One Goal United model and coached on how to lead for success. He sees this moment as a graduation from the learning environment within the company.

Along with the openings, there will be opportunities for professionals in the Houston and Indianapolis markets to launch their own careers with One Goal United. Joel stated that the firm’s focus on training and development makes this an ideal destination for someone who aspires to succeed in this growing industry.

One Goal United’s President on What the Firm’s Hiring Managers Seek in New Team Members

One Goal United’s culture is designed to set people up for success. Joel explained that with all of the resources and coaching available from the experienced pros here, it’s the perfect atmosphere to develop a powerful career in sales and marketing. The one key factor is ambition. As Joel continued, the people who thrive are the ones who have the right traits to take the knowledge they gain and run with it.

The key qualities sought in candidates are positive attitudes, a can-do spirit, a passion for collaboration, and a non-stop desire to learn. During the recruitment process, the hiring managers will look for signs that someone possesses these characteristics based on their answers to several questions that draw out candid responses about the person’s ambition and temperament.

Joel stressed that cultural fit is a must when adding new team members. The current team has spent considerable time building bonds as they work on campaigns. Someone who brings a diverse perspective yet is flexible and happy to share ideas with others is exactly the type of person Joel seeks.

Of course, the rewards of doing a great job at One Goal United keep motivation high. Besides ongoing training and advancement, there are trips which team members can earn as well as local group events that keep everyone happy and energized. Joel has no doubt that the new offices will continue the model, which means even more people will have the chance to enjoy the positive experiences he and his team have had to date.

About One Goal United

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