Jenna Earns Our “Entrepreneur of the Month” Award

We enjoy rewarding our promotional specialists for all their hard work, and this month we wanted to recognize Jenna with our One Goal United “Entrepreneur of the Month” award. Jenna’s persistence has made her an incredible asset to our organization. She is always looking for new ways to solve problems and is very proactive when it comes to seeking out additional learning. What’s more, she goes the extra mile and has proven to be a great coach to her peers.

By showing our appreciation to our hard-working team, we do more than just give credit where credit is due; we make a smart business move as well. These are some of the ways One Goal United benefits from our recognition efforts:

• Recognition Raises Morale: Being appreciated does more than feel good; it increases our self-confidence, motivation, and overall levels of general happiness. This positively impacts everyone at the office, especially because they know they’ll be noticed for their hard work.

• Leaders Who Show Appreciation Earn Trust: When managers offer a sincere thank you, it signals that they are paying attention. This assures brand ambassadors that their efforts are making a difference.

There are even more reasons that it’s important for us to recognize high achievers like Jenna for their contributions to our team. Learn what they are by liking One Goal United on Facebook.