Celebrating Alexavier’s Promotion

What great news we have to share in our One Goal United office! One of our intrepid brand experts has taken the next step in his career path. Alexavier has been promoted to assistant manager and we couldn’t be more delighted for him.

It’s a thrill to announce team member promotions because it reinforces that our One Goal United culture and training environment are effective. We don’t just hire people for jobs – we recruit people who are interested in long-term careers with our firm. Therefore, we provide the resources and education they need to succeed. In turn, we expect that they will contribute the following:

• Willingness to Learn: High achievers are those who never stop learning because they’re always looking to reach that next level in their professional journeys. With our coaching program and other opportunities for knowledge transfer, it’s no wonder our people thrive.

• Going Above and Beyond: Ambition means doing the work to reach the next level, which translates into taking on more responsibilities. Individuals who wish to advance are encouraged to think bigger and exceed expectations. This is exactly what Alexavier has done.

• Being a Team Player: Getting promoted in One Goal United is about not only meeting our own goals, but also helping our colleagues go further.

We look forward to seeing what Alexavier does in his new role. Check out our [Newswire] for updates on his accomplishments as well as other promotions.