Bryan Has Already Established Himself in Our Industry

Recognition is one of the pillars of our One Goal United office environment. We know that when we congratulate one another and spotlight achievement, it improves both morale and productivity. This month, we want to highlight the great work Bryan has done in the short time he’s been part of our organization.

“When you think of a leader, Bryan comes to mind,” declared Joel, President of One Goal United. “Always positive, amazing work ethic, and always on time. But the thing that impresses everyone the most is his selflessness. Bryan seems to have a natural ability to put his teammates first when it matters most. Whether you need friendly advice or a helping hand, you can count on Bryan. The sky’s the limit for this young man, as he continues to do all the right things.”

When individuals like Bryan get off to such a great start with our company, we know it’s partly because of the effectiveness of our leadership development program. We are committed to helping each of our promotional specialists realize his or her potential, and provide purposeful guidance from day one.

For instance, each of our entry-level positions leads to upper management. By having well-defined career paths available for our novice team members, we help them to see the big picture of our operations. When people know what the next step along their professional journey is, they are more motivated to reach it.

Congratulations again to Bryan for his rapid rise on our team. Learn more about the ways we support achievement by following One Goal United on Twitter.