Showing Alex Our Appreciation for His Efforts

We make sure to recognize our brand ambassadors whenever we catch them doing something right – which means we stay busy showing our gratitude! This month, we’d like to make sure that one of our hard-working training managers gets a chance to bask in the One Goal United spotlight.

“Alex has made a long-lasting impact on our organization in the year or so that he’s been with us,” stated Joel, One Goal United’s President. “His seasoned experience truly makes him a great mentor for our promotional specialists. He has a strong student mentality and consistently puts 100 percent effort into his work. Alex always has a positive attitude and has no problem seeking help from others when he needs it. He gets the job done, and more importantly, he gets it done well.”

One of the habits that makes Alex so effective is that he sets ambitious yet realistic goals. Not only does he do this for himself, but he helps his trainees with their goal-setting skills as well. Knowing what he’s striving to achieve helps him keep himself on track, and by familiarizing himself with the goals of his team members he helps them monitor their progress too.

Working with talented professionals like Alex keeps us all motivated, and we appreciate how willing he is to share his knowledge with others. To learn more about our outstanding team, follow One Goal United on Facebook.