Prepare for These Questions in Your Next Interview

Feeling prepared for an interview is key to being confident during the meeting. To help those who are interviewing with us (or anyone else) in the near future, here are three of the most important One Goal United questions, and how to respond to them:

” “What Excites You About This Position?”: We absolutely want to know what someone is excited about, but just as importantly, we want to know that he or she did the appropriate homework. The best answers to this question will show that a person researched the role, One Goal United, and even our industry at large.

” “Describe a Time When You ______”: One of the best ways to determine how an individual will handle a situation in the future is to see what he or she did in a similar circumstance in the past. Admitting to a mistake is actually a good idea at this point, because it gives the applicant a chance to discuss what he or she has learned over the years and how she or he has evolved as a professional.

” “Here’s a Responsibility That People in This Position Have. How Would You Handle It?”: Research won’t always reveal specifics like this, and that’s okay. What we want to see is how a candidate works through a problem. When this comes up, make sure to ask questions and be creative.

Interviews can be enjoyable conversations when the candidates feel prepared. For more interviewing tips like these, follow One Goal United on Twitter.