Control Your Productivity With These Strategies

Productivity is essential in business, especially in a competitive industry like interactive marketing. Waiting until we’re super motivated to perform isn’t an option; we need to know how to flip the proverbial switch and put ourselves into a productive mind-set in any circumstance. These are some One Goal United strategies for being productive on demand:

” Talk Yourself Through Your Block: Often, the act of acknowledging that we need some more energy to get started is enough to move us forward. If that doesn’t work, we try to figure out what’s zapping our energy. “I didn’t get enough sleep last night” or “I’m not sure how to start” are two familiar reasons, for example, and hearing them out loud leads to the solution – tonight, get more sleep, but for now, get moving and ask someone for help.

” Incentivize Action: Human beings are hardwired to seek pleasure, so we use that to our advantage. We set immediate rewards for small One Goal United projects, and for long-term objectives we establish incentives for each milestone. Then, we give ourselves a big pat on the back in some meaningful way when we’ve finished.

” Take Breaks: Giving our minds and bodies a chance to rest keeps our creativity and motivation high. If we feel our determination slipping, we don’t try to muscle through; we take a short walk around the office or even the block, chat with a friend for a couple minutes, or find some other way to quickly rejuvenate.

Being productive is a skill that we encourage our brand ambassadors to master using these tips. For more on creating your own career success, follow One Goal United on Twitter.