Building Culture and Camaraderie Through Competition

We are always looking for ways to enhance our team ethos because we know our culture is one of the pillars of our success. Through team nights, business trips, fundraising events, and more, our executives build lasting bonds with each other and learn to embody One Goal United principles like teamwork and philanthropy.

Contests are also One Goal United activities for creating an environment that encourages achievement. Through friendly competition, we help one another sharpen our professional skills and push our performance boundaries. Our organization recently finished a March Madness event that made a positive impact.

We’re a competitive group, so we take every opportunity we can to challenge ourselves and one another. Our group likes to push hard and see how much we can accomplish, and when we are able to channel that work ethic into winning a prize, it’s like all our favorite things wrapped into one! We have done this competition each year and we’ll continue to run it in the future, and for good reason – it’s a team favorite.

When running a company-wide initiative like this, it’s important to remind each other that even though one of us is declared a victor, the truth is everyone here is a winner. When one of us receives recognition for a job well done, the rest of us know that their victory is ours too – and we’ll enjoy our time in the spotlight as well. To see what contest we run next, follow One Goal United on Facebook.